Refresh your feet with a relaxing aromatic argan oil soak and exfoliating scrub to bring back their natural softness.

A pampering massage that will leave your skin incredibly soft and invigorated. 

60 minute session

Spicy body bioscrub

Cleanse your skin with our organic argan oil and brown sugar scrub.

Your whole body will feel fresh, invigorated and oh-so-smooth!

This mix of oil and sugar provides oxygen to the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

60 minute session

Organic facial care

The use of the precious argan oil in our facial care will protect your skin, leaving it looking more youthful.  You will experience a sensation of total freshness.

Brighten your skin and obtain a radiant complexion with our organic facial care products that target your specific skin type. 

60 or 90 minute session

Massage therapy
My earth, my body, my massage

Our mission is to take you on a journey to discover the different cultures and rituals the world of massage has to offer. Our profession is at the heart of our passion and our joy is to share it with you. 

Californian massage

The Californian massage uses fluid, continued and enveloping mouvements to enhance your body's consciousness and allow you to attain a state of openness and total relaxation.

60 or 90 minute session

Deep tissu & sports massage

Massage intense et profond combinant des manoeuvres manuelles (acupression et mobilisation passive). Le résultat obtenu est le relâchement total des tensions musculaires.

Séance de 60 ou 90 min

Creamy & nourishing body massage

A Swedish massage that uses creamy and nourishing shea butter with delicious and lushious aromas.  Your choice of aromas are:

Chocolate, Apple blossom, Maple, Ice cider

60 or 90 minute session

Lomi-lomi massage

A new experience

Get in touch with your inner body's energy by discovering this Hawaiian style massage which is performed with the therapist's forearms.  Feel the wave-like motions and be guided to a peaceful and profound relaxation. 

60 or 90 minute session

Lymph-drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage promotes the natural regeneration and irrigation of body tissues by nourishing and cleansing them.  This massage will help the flow of lymphatic fluid.  It is an ideal treatment to combat occasional fatigue.

75 minute session

Warm bamboo massage

A new experience

This massage technique using heated bamboo and lotus oil draws its origin in Asia.  Finger pressures and percussions are exercised alternately with a stimulating roller massage using the warm bamboo.

This type of massage will be sure to please the Asian massage enthousiast.

60 or 90 minute session

Aromasense massage (side by side)

Share together the perfect moment! Harmonize your energy and awaken your senses through the relaxing power of essential oils.

Because every person is unique, this session provides a massage that will cater to your specific needs.  By becoming aware of your breathing, you will reach inner peacefulness and total relaxation. 

You may choose from a variety of organic essential oils from Les Soins Corporels l'HERBIER.

60 or 90 minute session

Reflexology with hot stone

A foot reflexology massage combined with the use of hot stone is a regenerating technique that triggers the reflex zones of the feet.

It is an ideal method to combat stress and relax your tired feet.

60 or 90 minute session

Amma massage

Amma massage draws its origins from Shiatsu.  Through the application of pressure points along energy paths (meridians), an influx of vital energy is created and the entire body's energy is restored.

*This technique is carried-out on a massage table

60 or 90 minute session

Warm basalt stone therapy

Welcome to a peaceful and rich experience! A warm basalt stone massage will procure you a deep sense of muscular relaxation.  The stones will generate a most soothing and comforting warmth. 

This technique will help you to relax and will foster a replenishing and restful sleep.

60 or 90 minute session


Much more than just a relaxation technique, the swedish massage reduces muscular tensions and discomforts caused by stress and stimulates blood circulation.  

60 or 90 minute session