Most organic beauty and health care products are produced from trees, flowers and roots.

Their components have carefully been selected from Québec's herbarium that contains extraordinary plants chosen for their exceptional dermatological and therapeutic qualities.

Organically grown ingredients means that the products have been carefully selected from organic certified suppliers, wild harvests and grown without pesticides nor insecticides.



Les soins corporels de l herbier

With our vast selection of organic gels and body care products from Les soins corporels de l'HERBIER you will benefit from the powers of essential oils and fully enjoy your care experience with us. 

Massage Passion has selected a variety of products well suited to your personnal need:




Muscle toning

Thai chai

You will appreciate the subtleties of a moisturizing massage.  Massage Passion can suggest butters with various scents and nuances of spice, wood or flowers, such as:

Apple blossom

Ice Cider

Fruit salad




ZORAH biocosmetic

Zorah is proud to have developped products that are highly efficient while not harmful to your body nor our planet.  You can be assured that no harmful chemicals are used in Zorah products such Parabens, Propylene Glycol, EDTA, Polyethylene, PEG, phthalates or perfum.